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All across the country, exterior design trends continue popping up in new homes and remodel projects. Here are nine trends we expect to last.

  • Modern architecture everywhere
  • Sustainable choices
  • Embracing the industrial
  • Make the outdoors even greater
  • Naturally inspired materials
  • Dramatic flair
  • Keep it neutral
  • Warm it up
  • Tonal texture

1. Modern Architecture Everywhere

In the past, modern homes were few and far between, found in select cities or coastal regions with individuals earning a higher average income. Today, homeowners everywhere are embracing modern design, incorporating flat roofs, sharp corners, and full-length windows. In fact, most builders and architects now have a modern layout and design available in their portfolio. And while many people still seek out traditional homes, interest in modern or mid-century modern homes continues to grow in every major market across the country.

2. Sustainable Choices

Sustainability continues to be a priority for homeowners, with nearly 60% of home buyers requesting sustainable options according to Builder Magazine. Materials like steel or aluminum that are made with large percentages of recycled components—without sacrificing strength and color—top the list. In fact, according to Fixr research, 60% of homeowners requesting sustainable solutions want high recycled content in the products. That’s a trend we’ll happily get behind.

Industrial design has been growing for the last several decades and shows little signs of slowing down.

3. Embracing the Industrial

The industrial style continues to evolve as people find new ways of purposing—or repurposing—raw materials. Industrially inspired homes check a few different boxes. First, they incorporate darker colors, coordinated with elements of wood or wood-inspired materials to add depth and warmth. Second, these designs provide a more modern look that may have slope roofs or thicker fascia boards to create a substantial roof look. Third, these homes bring in new materials, including metal roofing and siding, providing strength, durability, and longevity.

Sit back and relax — According to Fixr, 80% of people use outdoor spaces to gather with friends and family, 61% for relaxation, and 46% for playing with kids.

4. Make the Outdoors Even Greater

The boom of outdoor living spaces spiked over the last three years, and that trend continues into 2023. Over 75% of homeowners recently made outdoor upgrades in the front or back of the home—including outdoor kitchens, patios, and living-room-style spaces. By expanding decking and the space beneath the deck or large front porches, outdoor living spaces create the perception of extending the square footage of the home. And who doesn’t want that?

New siding color options, like aged walnut, add a natural element while sleek black trim or soffit increases contrast

5. Naturally Inspired Materials

Is it a modern home in an Atlanta neighborhood or a home nestled in the mountains of Montana? It’s anyone’s guess, as homeowners continue to look toward natural or naturally inspired materials to incorporate into their home exteriors. There are many pro-and-con lists for using natural wood, which is why options like steel continue to increase in popularity. Many homeowners don’t want the stress, cost, or maintenance of real wood and look to alternatives like naturally-inspired steel siding that provides the undeniable appearance of wood without all the upkeep.

6. Dramatic Flair

More homeowners who want to call out architectural details, like doors and windows, are utilizing black trim to frame those elements—just like you’d frame a picture. The growth in black trim is not limited to the modern farmhouse white siding, black trim aesthetic. It’s also popular on darker or wood-sided homes for a nice blending between the siding and the roof. Because of black trim’s flexibility with multiple styles of homes, the growth in this trim color is likely here to stay. The challenge with dark, black trim on some materials is color maintenance. While vinyl or painted wood can fade over time, Vesta Steel Siding® and coordinating TruVent® Hidden Vent Soffit and fascia from Quality Edge is resistant to sun, rain, and other elements. Ensuring the product choice has a finish that protects against fading is key to maintaining the dark color over time.

7. Keep It Neutral

Colors come, go, and evolve over time. Gray is no different. From light to dark, gray continues to shift and change, remaining current and trendy. As a versatile neutral, gray siding works with countless other colors and materials to create a modern or traditional aesthetic. As the dark, rich color trends continue, deeper gray tones—like Ironstone—are a popular and safer choice compared with black. But don’t forget about the mid-gray tone of colors like Pewter that add warmth and a hint of darkness without the stark nature of a near-black gray. Lighter grays can also serve as a contrast to darker or warmer tones. And when done well, gray can stand all on its own.

Neutral colors—like English Saddle and Fawn—shown above help warm up a home’s exterior

8. Warm It Up

In contrast with the stark black and white colors we’ve observed in the last few years, we’re seeing a strong return of warm, rich earth tones—including warm browns, dark blues and greens, and dark woodgrains. Brown tones provide comfort and style for the current owners, and are also one of the top resale colors, holding value due to their inviting nature. In fact, a study by Zillow concluded that darker homes—including dark earthy tones—could yield $10,000 more in sale price than a lighter or muted color.

9. Tonal Texture

While using multiple colors is a great way to create contrast on an exterior, another highly effective way is combining different textures of the same color, which is growing in popularity. Building on the trend of earthy tones, homeowners are blending traditional siding, woodgrains or accents, and stone or brick within a single hue that provides a consistent, monochromatic style—for an upscale look that feels completely custom.

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