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Adam and Lindsey Kerr’s blended family of five—seven if you include their two golden retrievers—always embrace the chaos of life.

So why not throw a remodel into the mix?

Throughout their journey of discovering their dream house in Utah, Adam and Lindsey Kerr would drive around neighborhoods during their vacations, hunting for home inspiration. It became a fun ritual of theirs, whether it was close to home in Chicago or another city they were visiting.

One home style that always jumped out was flat roof houses, like the ones you see across southern California. Even though Adam and Lindsey had different tastes on certain things, this was something they both gravitated to.

The couple would also notice different textures and tones—details that could transform a simple design entirely. This included wood siding, which they loved and envisioned on their future home.

During quarantine, that future home popped up in Layton, Utah—the same state Adam had grown up in. The 1957 mid-century home—sitting on almost an acre of land—had been remodeled on the inside. The outside needed a lot of work, but Adam and Lindsey saw this as an opportunity to make it their own.

They put in a bid, and they got it.

Step back and look at what is beautiful about your home. You don’t need to change everything to bring out what you already love.

Lindsey Kerr, Homeowner

In the couple’s search for the perfect wood siding, Adam saw an Instagram ad for Vesta Steel Siding®, a steel planking system from Quality Edge. “Other products look like wood, but don’t capture its authentic look and texture. Vesta Steel Siding® was different,” says Adam.

“We knew the idea we wanted with siding, long before we even found a home to put it on!” adds Lindsey. “Something sustainable, with a classic edge and unique. We wanted warmth with a modern twist. We found all of that in Quality Edge.”

As the family started fixing up their dream home, Adam and Lindsey began documenting their home renovation on Instagram. It was hard work, but one of the highest highs came when the siding was finally installed. “I broke down in tears,” said Lindsey, recalling the first time she saw the product installed. She had envisioned it for so long, and there it was—her dream come to life.

What Makes Vesta Steel Siding® So Enduring?

HD3 Woodgrain

HD3 is our patent-pending, high definition, tri-color paint application that captures light, medium and dark woodgrain details, creating a multidimensional and naturally accurate look that’s engineered to maintain its color for a lifetime.

Beautiful for Generations

SunMaster PVDF coating (Polyvinylidene Fluoride) is a thermally set paint system that creates a thick film barrier which provides excellent resistance against wear, fade and chalking—keeping your siding beautiful for a lifetime.

Variegated Woodgrains

Six unique and harmoniously hand-drafted prints make up each woodgrain to create a signature style that looks good up-close and at a distance.

Today, the Kerrs are still working to make their home the exact way they envision it. “This home is truly a labor of time, love, tears and immense hard work,” says Lindsey.

As the couple reflects back, they have some words of encouragement for those at the beginning of the renovation process. “Don’t be afraid to put in the hard work,” they say. “It’ll be tough, but so worth it.”

This home is truly a labor of time, love, tears and immense hard work.

Lindsey Kerr, Homeowner

Wondering what the Kerr family’s home looks like today?

Visit @the.kerr.home on Instagram and follow along.

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